The Escapees RV Club has many groups of like minded people called Birds of a Feather groups, or a BoF. We are the Christian Fellowship BoF. We are Christians who are committed, first and foremost, to Jesus Christ. We support each other in our walk with Christ as we travel the country in our RVs. We are as diverse as you can imagine but our personal walk with Jesus and commitment to Jesus Christ binds us together in a way that leaves each of us feeling uplifted by the other. Many of our members have joined together in projects to help the needy, do construction and maintenance to help various ministries and reach out to other RVers with the love of Jesus Christ.

Encouraging Fellowship among Christian RVers. Exhibiting the Christ Centered Life in the communities through which they travel.

The Quartzsite 2018 Rally is over. A recap and pictures are posted. And more 2018 events online too!
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The Quartzsite 2018 Rally is near! January 13 - 19. Itinerary is online now!
Look in the Events section.

Death Valley 2017 is over, and it was great. Next big event is Quatrzsite 2018, Jan 13-19. See ya there!

New info on the Death Valley Rally 2017! Nov 3 - 12. Sunset Campground opens at noon, Nov 3.

The Events section is updated. Any ideas? Want to host a rally? Let me know.

Quartzsite 2017 Rally recap is posted.
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Death Valley Rally recap is posted.
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August 2016 - New Membership List.
Now that the NW Roll Rally and the Escapade is over, the next event is the Death Valley Rally in November. And we had many people sign up to join our BoF. I posted the new membership list in the 'About Us'tab, under the 'Join Us' section. Shoot me an email if you want to be included or have an update.

Besides Facebook and, this web site will be the place to go to keep current with all the activities and news. Watch us grow! Click to read more!

God is Good, all the time. All the time, God is Good!