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Welcome to our web site. As you can see, we are updating this web site. It will be fully operational soon.

The Escapees RV Club has many groups of like minded people called Birds of a Feather groups, or a BoF. We are the Christian Fellowship BoF. We are Christians who are committed, first and foremost, to Jesus Christ. We support each other in our walk with Christ as we travel the country in our RVs. We are as diverse as you can imagine but our personal walk with Jesus and commitment to Jesus Christ binds us together in a way that leaves each of us feeling uplifted by the other. Many of our members have joined together in projects to help the needy, do construction and maintenance to help various ministries and reach out to other RVers with the love of Jesus Christ.

We became a Certified Escapee Birds of Feather group in 2002. We voted to drop the 'certification' in 2016 and continue the BoF by using volunteers. Members can follow the 'happenings' of the BoF via Facebook, RVillage, this web site, or emails. The 'Events' page is where you can find an event that you may like to attend. You can also plan a get together yourself. Hosting an event is fun! Just let me know and I'll spread the word.

To join the BoF, you just need to sent an email to me (using the 'Contact Us' link). Then you will be added to our membership list.

Comments always welcomed

Either via email or the Contact page.. Thanks for reading.

Cool Stuff!


Here is some of the pictures from some of the events through-out the years! Click on the picture to get a bigger one.

We hope to see you at one of our get togethers!


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