Rallys and gatherings.

Rallys and gatherings are a great way for fellow christians to meet up and have worship and fellowship with one another. Christian fellowship is very important, especially for us RV travellers that don't always have a 'home' church to attend. It is good to worship, fellowship, pray, and just have fun together.

We would love it if you decide to host a rally or get together. Just let me know if you will be in an area for a certain length of time, and I can post it here and we'll see if we can get some folks together..

The Escapees organization has the WARE rally on the west coast and the ACRE on the east coast. And the annual Escapade. We would really like to have our Christian Fellowship BoF represented at these events. If you will be in the area of one of these happenings, please let me know.

We have had some great events in the past. Click on one of the links below to read about the event and see some pictures too!.

Quartzsite 2015.

The Rolling Rally 2015.

Escapade 2015.

WARE Rally 2015.

Newport Music Festival 2015.

Death Valley 49ers Rally 2015.

Quartzsite 2016.

Escapade 2016.

NW Roll 2016.

Death Valley 2016.

Quartzsite 2017.

Escapade 2017.

Death Valley 2017.

Quartzsite 2018.