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Hi! My husband, Dwayne, and I are new to the Christian Fellowship c-BOF, Escapees, and RVing and appreciate the love we experienced and fun we had with the Christian Fellowship c-BOF in Quartzsite, AZ January 11-16, 2015. God brought David and JoAnne Scott across our path just after we finished the Escapees Boot Camp in Livingston, TX, in November, 2014. While exchanging information around the table at the Ice Cream Social, we heard that they were involved with the Christian Fellowship c-BOF and that the big gathering of the BOF would be in January at Quartzsite. We were already planning to head to Quartzsite in January, so we decided to come a week early and fellowship with the Christians in the BOF gathering in the desert. We were welcomed from the outset by all the folks we met up with. At the sunset hamburger dinner on the first night, we got to meet several folks that we would come to know better in the days ahead. Each morning started with a daily devotion designed around the theme of 'Waiting on the Lord'. Nancy O led singing and helped us learn a couple of new songs. This Bible Study allowed us to split into smaller groups which helped us 'newbies' to participate. The devotions throughout the week were great , encouraging us to know that, even when it seems that we are 'waiting', God is not inactive, but just calls for our availability and obedience. Pastor George shared on two mornings from Judges 6, showing how God used Gideon, and how much we are like him ('Who, me, Lord?') and how God will use smaller circumstances to build our faith so we are ready to do the 'big' things He calls us to do. We enjoyed going out with our 'Supper Six' group, again allowing us to spend some time with a smaller group of folks and getting to know them better. On another morning, we participated in an 'invitation breakfast' where we got to join another couple in their rig and share breakfast with them and learn about how the Lord is using them to minister while they are on the road. We also had the opportunity to participate in an ad hoc book discussion group and a movie night that allowed us to meet up with others in the group and get to share some of what Christ is doing in each of our lives. All had a fun time at the 'brown bag' auction for CARE , we did not know what we were bidding on until after we won the bid; all the proceeds, $539, will be going to CARE. Patti C.

Annual Business Meeting January 16, 2015

All but one of the officers were able to attend the 2015 Annual Business Meeting. Visiting VCR was Roger Grant. He reported that the latest SKP # is 121346, over 800 memberships were gained per month during the last year. He informed the fellowship that the new Chapter Directors are Mark and Dortha Hall, (we hope to continue having a section in the newsletter devoted to them). There is a new forum for Escapees He talked about the upcoming Escapade, the new locations for SKP WARE, and SKP ACRE, also the next Escapade is over the Fourth of July weekend in Essex Junction, VT followed in 2017 at Sedalia, MO. Expenses are outnumbering our income, one way to reduce expenses is to forgo funds for the WARE and ACRE representatives, but to continue paying the registration for the Row Representative to the Escapade. That reduces expenses minimally though. The amount collected for CARE was $397. A new leadership team was elected for 2015. Pastor George Simmons, President; Allen Ferguson, Western Vice President; Barbara Henderson remains Secretary; and Janet Hersh remains Treasurer. The position of Eastern Vice President remains open. If you are interested, contact Pastor George at president @ Past President David Scott became a member of the Executive Advisory Board. Other members of the Executive Advisory Board; Florence and Dale A and Orv and Marge S, submitted their resignation. The Christian Fellowship c-BOF extends a warm and heartfelt thank you for their years of service. Pastor George and his wife Mary will represent the Christian Fellowship c-BOF on the Row in Tucson, AZ. As of January 2015 we have 152 members.




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