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Ecapade March 8-March 13, 2015

Escapade 2015 kicked off on Sunday, March 8, at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, Arizona. Many of the Christian BOF had participated in a Rolling Rally leading up to the Escapade. On the morning that Dwayne and I were heading to the fairgrounds, I saw a Facebook update that the group would be driving in on that day too. I was sorry that we had not arranged to hook up with them to drive in and park together, but it was too late to arrange that. However, God-incidence allowed us to end up being parked just one row in front of the rest of the Christian BOF, so we were able to be together even without human engineering!

We were privileged to begin our very first Escapade with our 'family' at the Christian BOF get-together on Sunday afternoon when we gathered for worship in singing and study of the Word. It was a blessing to get to hear Pastor George again as he taught us on Gods fore-knowledge and how we can be assured of Gods desire for us for good, and not for evil. We can know that God is already aware of the problems that will be coming against us a little ways down the road, and He is ready and willing to get us around or through those problems.

The Christian BOF was represented on the ROW and in the parade of banners during the Opening Ceremony. Many joined each morning (at 7AM!!!) to start their day with the study of Gods Word led by Pastor George. We were able to fellowship with others at one evenings happy hour gathering and, another evening, at a potluck at the area where many of the members of the Christian BOF were parked in boondocking.

I think my favorite part was getting to start each morning with singing of praises and exposition of the Word with Pastor George. It just seemed to start each day off right! We were glad to have participated in our first Escapade, and glad to have been able to be with our Christian brothers and sisters in the Christian BOF.


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