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Rolling Rally 2015

Rolling Rally February 18-March 8, 2015

The Rolling Rally, which was in the planning for over a year, is now over and in the history book of our lives. Worship, fellowship, and service were the themes of the eighteen day rally, Feb 18-Mar 8. As we rolled along together, we eventually arrived at the 55th Escapade at Pima County Fairground, Tucson, AZ. The scripture for the week was 1 Thessalonians 5: 4-11. "Awesome!" stated Carl W, when asked what he thought of the Rolling Rally. "It was great to be together, worship our Lord, sit around the campfire, & share stories. By being together for eighteen days we really got to know each other. We didn't have to hurry. We could relax." The rally started at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument south of Ajo, AZ. We squeezed fourteen rigs into a small space & were the talk of the Monument staff. We enjoyed worship daily led by Bruce & Lynn J, with Keith L leading the devotional thoughts with help of Maurice R. We enjoyed hikes around the campground; a huge one up the Bull Pasture, Estes Canyon Trail, & travels to the Quitobaquito Springs and pond. One of the highlights of the week was a visit from Florence & Dale A, former leaders of the BOF. Our service project was at the Stanfield Baptist Church in Stanfield, AZ. Our days started with short devotions led by different members. Maurice & Shirley Rust, as Wagon Masters of the service rally, divided the group into work teams. Jan S was chief cook with her team preparing food & cleaning the kitchen, bathroom team refurbished the bathrooms, storage room team worked in the storage area. When not busy with one area, members would quickly take on other jobs leading to nearly every space in the church & community center being cleaned including the laying of carpet and we moved Pastor Jim into his new office. After work hours, we enjoyed campfires, games & resting. Our last day at Stanfield, we had a visit from Roger & Missy Pierce who were instrumental in getting CF c-BOF started. On March third, we moved to Kartchner Caverns State Park. Others joined the rally for the first time. The weather was cooler at the higher elevation, so one time we had 21 people celebrating Donna Ferguson's birthday in George & Mary Simmon's RV. The hikers among us climbed the Foothill Loop & Guindani Trail. Thursday, we did a tour of the caverns together & enjoyed Nancy Oboskys chili. On Friday evening, we had our goodbye dinner served by Wagon Masters Keith & Ruth Ann Linnabary. Several of our members were leaving early Saturday for Tucson, since they were in leadership roles on the Row at the Escapade. With a pancake breakfast, we sent them off. Keith led devotions the final week focusing on the life of Esther & Job. On Sunday, March 8, we hooked up & caravanned to the Escapade at Pima County Fairgrounds. We took up a whole row in the boondock section. Yes, it was a time of learning, worship, fellowship, & service. A time we won't forget.


Rolling Rally 2015 Pictures

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