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What a great time

We all gathered in the desert, January 9-15, for the annual Quartzsite Christian Fellowship BoF buisness meeting and rally. During the rally time, we had 24 RVs and 44 people here. The theme of this event was the 'Fruit of the Spirit'. George Simmons spoke about the 'Fruit' on Sunday and during morning devotions. The re-occuring song during morning worship was 'I'll Fly Away'. We had a Scavenger Hunt (Jane Dawson won), chocolate tasting, aroma therapy, womens tea, a CARE auction, potlucks, and campfires. We fed breakfast to the Solo Group and ate hamburgers, hot dogs, and brownies. Many of us made it over to the Escpaees National Happy Hour over at Scaddam Wash. A wonderful time for all. The Haining family from Bransos, MO put on a great concert too. During the buisness meeting, we voted to de-certify the BoF. We don't need to elect officers or collect dues anymore. No limit on members, no tax paperwork, and required newsletter. We have made the decision to create a new web site ( and continue to operate the way we have been by using volunteers.

Here is some files you can download about the rally.

The Quartzsite Rally Welcome Letter

The Schedule of Events

The Scavenger Hunt

List of attendees

Annual Buisness Meeting Notes

Q 2016 Pictures

The Quartzsite 2016 Photo Album

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Here is some of the pictures from some of the events through-out the years! Click on the picture to get a bigger one.

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