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Death Valley 2016

The meet up at Death Valley National Park

9 RVs, 17 people, all gathered in the Overflow X lot. A great place to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful desert. We had devotions by Gary Atkerson daily, and went on many hikes. The rally was held just before the annual Death Valley 49er's encampment. We shared many meals together. Great fellowship. Various games were played each night.

Tuesday, the 1st
Arrival day for most of us. We gathered together and had dinner together.

Wednesday, the 2nd
The rest of the folks arrived. This was the official start of the rally. We had a 'welcome' dinner and all sat around and got all caught up.

Thursday, the 3rd
This day, we all convoyed out and the first stop was at Gold Canyon for a hike and Ranger talk.
Then on to Badwater, the lowest place in North America, 282 ft below sea level.
And finally through Artists Palette. A beautiful drive by some of the most spectacular colored mountains and hills. We had lunch there.

Friday, the 4th
We do many things with the Solos (an Escapees BoF too) and this day, we all convoyed up to Aguereberry Point. At 6433 ft, the views are awesome!
Then on up the road to the Charcoal Kilns, where the 49ers burned trees to produce the coals. They haul them down the mountain to the Borax making machinery. 8133 ft.

Saturday, the 5th
Our group all got together and made breakfast for the Solos. We had pancakes, egg casserole, fruit and a great time.

Sunday, the 6th
Off again we go. This time up to Dantes View. 5475 ft up, looking down on Badwater, the lowest point.
Then we had church back at the campsite at 4:30.

Monday, the 7th
Today we all convoyed to Beatty, NV and went to Mel's Diner for breakfast. Good home cooked food!
Before leaving Beatty, we stopped at a candy store for candy and ice cream.
Some folks continued through Titus Canyon. We also stopped by the ghost town of Rhyolite and then back to the rig to relax for the day.

Tuesday, the 8th
This day, we took off to Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge and checked it out.
Then on into Pahrump, NV for lunch at China Wok Buffet. We met up with John & Jane Dawson there. Yum, good food. Then shopping at Walmart, Smiths, Home Depot, and gas at Smiths for $2.32 a gallon.

Wednesday, the 9th
Our official last day of the rally. We headed for Mosaic Canyon. Now this was the best hike I have been on so far. Incredible. We took water squirt bottles and when making the canyon walls wet, the colors really come alive! A great day.
Most folks stayed around to see the awesome super moon. Sunday, Gary led a church service and we had visitors, the McInroes, Pitts, and some Solos.

That sums up the CF rally. The Death Valley 49ers pre-encampment has started and soon the place will really come alive. Already the internet dies off around 8 AM and is not working all day and into the night. Man! Have we really got dependant on the internet! ..... Yes!

Here is some files you can download about the rally.

List of attendees

Death Valley Rally 2016 Pictures

The Death Valley Rally 2016 Photo Album

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