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Quartzsite 2017

The annual meet-up - Quartzsite Rally 2017 - fun in the desert!

20 RVs, 46 people, Great fellowship in the desert. The rally official dates were Jan 14 - 20, but there were 5 of us that showed up early on the 11th.

Saturday, the 14th
Arrival day for many. It all started around 2 PM with hugs & hellos. Gary Atkerson brought the Word, Message, & Communion. Later we had a 'Burn your Own' potluck. Each of the evenings here, there was either a campfire, or a movie shown, or games at peoples rigs. Just great fellowship!

Sunday, the 15th
Pastor Gary led us in a church service. We then divided up into small groups and each group had dinner together. And, the scavenger hunt instructions were handed out. Let the fun begin!

Monday, the 16th
Nancy leads some of us on walk-abouts in the mornings. We had a little rain at times, and some cold days, but we all enjoyed each other everyday. God is good! Today, we all broke up into groups and had bible study. Later, Donna Ferguson had some women over at her place to teach some crocheting. They are making hats for the cancer society. Then came the brown bag auction. What fun that was! We raised about &750.00 for CARE too!

Tuesday, the 17th
After our group bible study, we had a 'loaded' baked potato potluck.

Wednesday, the 18th
Our bible study groups broke up into a Men's & Women's group, each small group studied together. Really cool! Then we all went up the road to the Escapees Happy Hour get together. That evening, we headed over to the Solo's area and they provided us a hot dog BBQ potluck.

Thursday, the 19th
The big 'Feed the Solo's breakfast' happened this morning. 'It's a tradition.' And we had a great turnout. Then we had our Men's/Women's group Bible study; and also today, the scavenger hunt winner was determined. Nancy O. was the winner. We had to break out the 'Tie Breaker' rules. Trish, from the Solo's group gave Nancy a good run. That was such fun! We finished up the day with a Spaghetti dinner put on by each of the small groups.

Friday, the 20th
Our last day. This day was inauguration day and many of us got together to watch our new President get sworn in. We were going to have group picture and our final worship, but the weather turned pretty nasty. We decided to put on a church service Sunday. .

Sunday, the 22th
Pastor Gary held church servive in Steve & Nancy's RV. It was a packed house! 25 of us in there! This officially ends our Q 2017 rally. Many are hanging around and continue the fellowship. Plans are being made for future meet-ups on the road.

The Future
Right after this rally, some of us are going to caravan down to Rocky Point in Mexico. Plans are being made for the Escapade in Tucson too. Fellowship on the road is soo important. If anyone is going to be in an area for a time, and would like to 'sponsor' a meet-up, just let me know and I will get it posted here and on Facebook & RVilliage. This rally was a great success. See ya all next year!

Here is some files you can download about the rally.

List of attendees

Photo of attendees (Large file 7Mb)

The Quartzsite Rally 2017 Itinerary

The Quartzsite Rally 2017 Scavenger Hunt

The Quartzsite Rally 2017 Scavenger Hunt 'Tie' Instructions

Quartzsite Rally 2017 Pictures

The Quartzsite Rally 2017 Photo Album

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