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Quartzsite 2018

Desert fellowship & worship - Quartzsite Rally 2018 - fun in the desert!

14 RVs, 35 people, Great fellowship in the desert. The rally official dates were Jan 13 - 19, but many came early and stayed later.

Gary Atkerson brought us the Word, and our focus was Christian Values. We had a lot of fun at the CARE auction. And we raised a nice amount for the CARE center in Livingston. One day, we all had a hot dog diner over at the Solo's area, and again we fed the Solos breakfast. We visited the annual Escapees Happy Hour just up the road from us. The winner of the 3rd annual Q Scavenger Hunt was Jan Smith this year. We had beautiful weather and had a campfire almost every night. There was wonderful fellowship and worship. Our 'theme' song this year was God Of The Mountain.

The Future
Remember, if anyone is going to be in an area for a time, and would like to 'sponsor' a meet-up, just let me know and I will get it posted here and on Facebook & RVilliage. This rally was a great success. See ya all next year!

Here is some files you can download about the rally.

List of attendees

The Quartzsite Rally 2018 Itinerary

The Quartzsite Rally 2018 Scavenger Hunt

The Quartzsite Rally 2018 Scavenger Hunt 'Tie' Instructions (Not needed)

Quartzsite Rally 2018 Pictures

The Quartzsite Rally 2018 Photo Album

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